Marketing Services

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Keady Communications works with client organizations to create and implement marketing strategies designed to increase business and brand their organization among all stakeholder communities. Keady Communications will handle everything from conceptualization through to execution for each initiative, or happily work in collaboration with a client’s internal marketing professionals.


  • Company branding and marketplace positioning
  • Key message development
  • Marketing strategy and plan development
  • Internal communications initiatives and programs
  • Development and implementation of all marketing initiatives including website creation and enhancement, presentations, collateral, direct mail, advertising campaigns, social media, and all forms of collateral



Board Client

"My partner told me how impressed he was with the rebranding.  He believes it will help us to reach a broader audience. It appears our strategy is having its effect."


Training Participant

"I just wanted to thank you once again for all the knowledge and support Pat and I received from this program. Not only that, but we both totally enjoyed each session. I am happy to say many changes have come about due to our "thinking and doing different."



"To date, everyone who's seen any or all of the materials for this event is excited  -- everyone loves this year's auction look.  Your concept and graphics have done exactly what they should:  get people excited and engaged about our event.  Thank you for the beautiful work and the beautiful experience working with you has been."


Executive Presentation Client

"Just wanted to thank you for all your help with my presentation today. Thanks to your focus on messaging, assistance with preparation, and reminder to sell the Firm - I felt confident today giving my talk."


Board of Director Client

"I want to thank all of you for your involvement and participation with composing a thorough analysis and business plan.  The information within the document was a resource on numerous occasions for many that participated in last weekend’s process.  I received great feedback.  High marks for all!"


Senior Client

"Betsy knows and understands the marketing and business development process in service firms.  She is excellent at working with partners to ferret out their strengths and leveraging those strengths in the business development process."

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